She’s back!

by Robert Popper on September 28, 2012 · 7 comments

Obviously you all remember Lisa Gail Allred’s amazing ‘3 Second Rule‘, well here she is with a new corker – ‘Coffee of Tea’.

What I really love is that there’s pretty much no one else anywhere in the video, and sort of no music under her singing. Just that lovely voice. Perfect!

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  • gottago

    Why does she keep on hunching over with her hands on her knees?

  • Tom McGrenery 马墨森

    I am a fan of how the song starts with a “Whoo!” and then nothing happens.

  • Michael Feaux

    I”l just have a glass of tap water please.

  • Mister Tim

    01:55 Is that leaf waving? for help?

  • josh hammertimez

    mash-up with fleetwood mac’s “tell me lies” sure to come.

  • Wearfare

    Why isn’t she on Tim and Eric yet?

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