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Give Out Girls is a fast-paced sitcom about a gang of four girls (and a couple of guys) who work in the world of promotions. Who are those girls out at 7am, dressed as light bulbs, giving you stuff you don’t want? It’s a world recognisable to anyone who’s ever done a job simply to pay the rent. Give Out Girls is all about working hard at avoiding hard work, and how your colleagues, whether you like them or not, soon become your mates.

To air on Comedy Central in 2014.


Big Talk Productions in association with Popper Pictures
Executive Producers Kenton Allen, Robert Popper
Directed by Chloe Thomas (Horrible Histories)
Produced by Jim Poyser (Shameless)
Starring Kerry Howard (Him & Her) and Tracy Ann Oberman (Friday Night Dinner)
Written by Tony MacMurray (The Last Chancers) and comedian, Hatty Ashdown.